Members of the AutoGenomics' management team have a strong track record in developing new analytical systems and bringing them to market for companies such as Abbott Laboratories, Behring Diagnostics, Baxter International, Hycor Biomedical, and Sequenom. With diverse management backgrounds in sales, marketing, R&D and operations, the management team has developed 16 analytical instruments, set up manufacturing of 6 systems and worked on a number of projects from concept-to-launch, three of which have annual recurring consolidated sales in excess of $1 billion.

Fareed Kureshy, Founder, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Kureshy, the Company's Founder, has been Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of AutoGenomics since its founding in April 1999. Mr. Kureshy has over 30 years of entrepreneurial leadership experience in the healthcare industry. Mr. Kureshy served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Sequenom, Inc. from 1996 to 1997, and as President of Behring Diagnostics, Inc. and PB Diagnostics Systems, Inc. from 1992 to 1996, where he set up the infrastructure to design, develop, manufacture and market platform technologies in the areas of chemistry, immunoassays and DNA analysis. Mr. Kureshy also spent 12 years at Abbott Laboratories from 1976 to 1987, where he held various management positions. Mr. Kureshy holds undergraduate degrees in physics, chemistry and mathematics from Karachi University, an undergraduate degree in engineering from Northrop University, and has completed graduate engineering studies. He was awarded an M.B.A. from Southern Methodist University.

Robert B. Cole, M.D., Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Cole has practiced Obstetrics and Gynecology in Northern California for the last 25 years. His areas of special interest have been in minimally invasive surgery, HPV and clinical management techniques of pre-invasive cervical disease. Dr. Cole was President and Founder of Women’s Primary Health Physicians, one of the largest OB/GYN IPAs in Northern California. He holds patents in hormone replacement therapy and fetal cord blood harvesting. He is a Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and received his M.D. from the University of California at Irvine.

Ramanath Vairavan, Co-founder, Sr. Vice President, Laboratory Operations

Mr. Vairavan has been Senior Vice President, Lab Services since January 2014. From January 2007 to January 2014 he served as Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing and he has been an executive officer of AutoGenomics since its founding in April 1999. Mr. Vairavan has over 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry in the areas of research, product development, manufacturing, sales, marketing and business development. He began his career with Hoechst AG/Behring Diagnostics, Inc. where he held various management positions in research, development, operations, international sales and marketing in the United States, Singapore and Germany. Mr. Vairavan received a B. Tech. in chemical engineering form University of Madras, India, an M.S. in biomedical engineering from Washington University and an M.B.A. from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Shailendra (Shelley) Singh, Ph.D., Co-founder, Vice President, System Development

Dr. Singh has been Vice President, System Development of AutoGenomics since its founding in April 1999. Dr. Singh has 34 years of experience in software engineering, systems development and integration, the last 29 of which have been spent in the healthcare industry and participating in the invention and development of eight medical instruments. Dr. Singh has held the position of Vice President of Systems Development at Sequenom, Inc., PB Diagnostics Systems, Inc. and Behring Diagnostics, Inc. Dr. Singh received a B.S. in electrical engineering, an M.E. in electrical engineering and a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Southern Methodist University.

Jim Canfield, Chief Commercial Officer

Mr. Canfield joined AutoGenomics during 2013 as Vice President, Sales & Marketing.  Mr. Canfield assumed his current role, Chief Commercial Officer, in July 2015.  Mr. Canfield has more than 25 years' experience building commercial teams in the Medical Diagnostic and Media Industries.  He is an expert at scaling businesses that dramatically impact their respective markets through technological innovation and new market creation.  Notable companies at which he has held leadership positions include Abbott Diagnostics, Idexx Labs, Quest Diagnostics, (CareerBuilder), and Knowledgestorm (Tech Target).

Jim is a graduate of Southern Illinois University and holds a Bachelor's of Science degree in Industrial Technology.

Saeed Kureshy, Vice President, Operations

Mr. Kureshy joined AutoGenomics during 2005 as Director Operations and during 2007 became Vice President of Operations. Prior to that Mr. Kureshy was with Abbott Laboratories for 19 years, in the Diagnostics Division in Dallas, Texas in various managerial positions. Mr. Kureshy has worked in engineering, distribution, quality control and facilities management. Prior to that time Mr. Kureshy worked 10 years with General Tire and Rubber Company in Akron, Ohio as Industrial Engineering Manager and Production Manager for both International and Domestic Operations and then 4 years as head of Corporate Engineering Plant Design and Expansions. Mr. Kureshy began his career in Ulm, Germany for AEG-Telefunken for manufacturing and design of telecommunication equipment. Mr. Kureshy's education is comprised of a B.S. in electronics and electrical engineering and an M.A. in mathematics.

Evelyn Lopez, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs

Mrs. Lopez joined AutoGenomics in 2006 and has over 30 years of regulatory/clinical affairs/quality assurance experience in medical devices and pharmaceuticals companies.  Her experience includes US and international regulations related to clinical trials/premarket submissions (PMA, IDE, 510k, MDD/IVDD) and quality systems (FDA QSR, ISO), as well as activites related to strategic planning, contract manufacturing, and mergers/acquisitions. Mrs. Lopez served as Vice President, Regulatory & Quality Assurance for Novatrix Biomedical, Director of Clinical Affairs at Micro Therapeutics, and Director of Regulatory Affairs at Cryogen.  Mrs. Lopez holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the Philipines, and a M.S. in Operations Research from Stanford University.

Sherman Chang, Ph.D., Vice President, R&D Chemistry

Dr. Chang joined AutoGenomics as Senior Director of R&D Chemistry in 2013 and was appointed as Vice President of R&D Chemistry in January 2016.  Prior to that, Dr. Chang was Senior Director of R&D at DermTech International (a biotech startup company in La Jolla, CA) where he developed a disruptive non-invasive melanoma cancer diagnostic test currently used in the market.  Dr. Chang brings over 20 years of R&D experience in the microarray field.  Dr. Chang was the recipient of the 2017 AACC industry division poster award/certificate for genetic risk assessment of Opioid Addiction.  Dr. Chang holds a Pharmacy from Taiwan and a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from University of Pittsburgh.  Dr. Chang completed his post-doctoral research training at the Salk Institute and UCSD.

Management Team