Empowering clinical laboratories

by supplying them with a fully integrated system to perform a large menu of automated, cost-effective, and easy-to-use tests with a high degree of accuracy and sensitivity.

Corporate Overview

Since the Company’s inception in 1999, scientists and engineers at AutoGenomics have endeavored to create automated technologies that simplify the complex test processes inherent in genetic analysis within a format that is user-friendly and increases productivity in the clinical laboratory.

The INFINITI® system is designed specifically for processing AutoGenomics’ unique proprietary BioFilmChip® microarrays that can be multiplexed and configured with hundreds of biomarkers to assess disease signatures from a single sample specimen.

The INFINITI® system provides clinical laboratories with significant improvements in laboratory productivity, workflow, and cost per reportable result.

The power to predict can strengthen the ability to heal and prevent disease. That’s why AutoGenomics is dedicated to uncovering critical insights that enable more informed, more effective care. We see this as the next frontier in healthcare, and we’re passionate about bringing it to life today. The need is critical, the technology is ready, and the time is now.

Through our expertise in pharmacology, chemistry, pathology, pharmacogenomics, and toxicology, we’ve created powerful tests, instruments, and analytics that deliver the right information necessary to make the correct choice at the appropriate time. With actionable results in hand, physicians can better prescribe compatible therapies and also predict how a patient might react to potential treatment options.

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