Company Philosophy

AutoGenomics employees are key to our long term success. We are committed to providing the best possible environment for maximum development and goal achievement for all employees. Our practice is to treat each employee as an individual. We seek to develop a spirit of teamwork; individuals working together to attain a common goal. In order to maintain an environment where these goals can be accomplished, we provide a comfortable and progressive workplace. Most importantly, communication is key, and we adhere to the environment of an open door policy. Our goal within the company is to create a workplace where each individual not only thrives, but succeeds by truly having the flexibility to meet their own professional goals.  

Student Programs

AutoGenomics provides student internships of all levels, we are a strong believer in providing these opportunities to the local high schools, community colleges, and universities. Many of our participants in our internship programs have found a home at AutoGenomics. We take great pride in our programs and believe we offer a versatile and enriching experience. Please contact Human Resources for more information or to find out when we might be on your campus.


We work hard to ensure our employees are rewarded with comprehensive and competitive benefit packages. We are committed to the career development of our employees, by offering hands-on training, seminars, and conferences.

Our benefits include:     

  • Flexible benefit plans for medical, dental and vision care
  • Generous paid time off policies (vacation, sick time, & holidays)
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • 401K Retirement Plan
  • Group Life Insurance for Employees
  • Incentive Stock Options Plan (ISOP)
  • Voluntary Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Employee Discount and Rewards Program

Job Opportunities

AutoGenomics is looking for highly talented people to join us in achieving our objectives. The ideal candidate should be innovative, creative and have a teamwork approach. 

AutoGenomics encourages the submissions of CVs/Resumes to: