Various certificates and Safety Data Sheets are provided below for our various products. If there is any additional information required please Contact Us.


ISO 13485

Latest ISO 13485 Certificate. Download.

Material Safety Data Sheets

SDS for INFINITI Buffers

SDS for the Infiniti Buffers. Download.

SDS for INFINITI Intellipac

SDS for the Infiniti Intellipac. Download.

SDS for Amp Mix

SDS for the Amp Mix. Download.

SDS for BioFilmChip Magazine

SDS for the BioFilmChip Magazine. Download.

SDS for HPV Controls

SDS for the HPV Controls. Download.

SDS for STD Controls

SDS for the STD Controls. Download.

SDS for HPV Sample Processing Kit

SDS for the HPV Sample Processing Kit. Download.

SDS for INFINITI Sample Processing Kit

SDS for the Infiniti Sample Processing Kit. Download.

SDS for BV Controls

SDS for the BV Controls. Download.

SDS for CV Controls 

SDS for the CV Controls. Download.

SDS for Internal Controls 

SDS for the Internal Controls. Download.

SDS for Buccal Sample Collection Kit 

SDS for the Buccal Sample Collection Kit. Download.

Certificates and SDS