• The INFINITI UroGen QUAD Assay is CE Marked.
  • The INFINITI UroGen QUAD is designed to detect three microorganisms:
  • The INFINITI UroGen QUAD utilizes the UroGen QUAD Intellipac, UroGen QUAD Amp Mix and the UroGen QUAD BioFilmChip Microarray.
  • The INFINITI UroGen QUAD Assay is automated by the INFINITI Analyzer.

Analytes Detected: 

  • Ureaplasma urealyticum 
  • Mycoplasma genitalium 
  • Mycoplasma hominis 


  • Simultaneous multiplexed determination of three microorganisms
  • Rapid turnaround time enhances workflow efficiency
  • Load & Go automated on the INFINITI/INFINITI PLUS Analyzer.
  • Replicate determinations on a single BioFilmChip Microarray ensures quality results.

Sample Type and Volume: 

  • Uses endocervical and cervical specimens.
  • Requires 50 ng DNA / reaction

Clinical Relevance: 

  •  Half of all non-gonococcal venereal diseases are caused by Ureaplasma and Mycoplasma.
  • Ureaplasmas and Mycoplasmas are found in 70% of sexually active humans!
  • These microorganisms cause 50% of all Non-Gonococcal Urethritis (NGU)
  • They are often not detected in plate Culture & difficult to identify under microscope.
  • They take a long time to grow & require complex media for isolation.
  • These pathogens also exhibit differential antimicrobial susceptibility

Clinical Utility: 

  • Simultaneous detection of multiple microorganisms associated with various sexually transmitted infections and vaginitis facilitates immediate treatment of patient.


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